Indeed it’s the common use  of financial dimensions in Dynamics AX/D3650 – to summarize values across multiple orders/projects/… name it. From my experience some people might not really know how it works and how they might take advantage of it when it comes to building a powerfull project hierarchy.

One scenario where I tend to use it, is when it comes to projects within which we sell items for which we have to grant waranty. The idea then is to close the sales (main-) project and to have a separate warranty project in a separate hierarchy where we want provide warranty services like repairs, service work or, items etc. for the closed project.

What we would like to do

Let’s get started!

Set up the sales project

  • Project ID: 119
  • FinDim Project ID: 119

Post costs to the sales project

Now we would like to see some costs and revenue on the sales project

  • 10 hours PM
  • Cost 200 USD
  • Sales 350 USD
  • On
    • Project ID: 119
    • FinDim Project ID: 119

Check the first voucher

Lets have a look at what we have done

  • -2.000 Payroll
  • + 2.000 Project Costs and FinDim Project 119 (Sales Project)
  • + 3.500 Acc Receivable
  • – 3.500 Revenue – Labor and FinDim Project 119 (Sales Project)

Set up the warranty project

Now as we have results on the first project as we expected it to be, lets go ahead with the second project – our warranty project

  • Project ID: 112
  • FinDim Project ID: 119

Post warranty costs via Hour Journal

Now as we have set up the warranty project, which could also be available in a separate project hierarchy tree, we are now going to post some costs

  • 2 hours PM
  • Cost 200 USD
  • Sales 0 USD
  • On
    • Project ID: 120
    • FinDim Project ID: 119

Check the second voucher

Now lets have a look at the second voucher

  • – 400 on payroll
  • + 400 on project costs and FinDim Project 119 (Sales Project)

As we can see – this posting now referenced to the intial sales project and we have the magic link between both: sales and warranty project.

Reporting Results

To see the results we will first check the standard report of Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Management and Accounting.

We will use the report “Project Profit and Loss” and we will filter on the Financial Dimension “Project” with a value of 00000119

The results are very clear. The report shows us two projects – the Sales and the Warranty Project. The total margin shows up as expected!

Management Reporter

As a last step we would like to see if the management reporter handles the values as expected.

Filtering the management report by the corresponding financial dimension and we receive the desired results.


We can cleary see that everything works as expected. We are able to have multiple projects and to summarize them by Financial Dimensions in whatever way we want. This gives us the freedom to setup project hierarchies as desired by the process and to report values as desired by the financials.